The Association of Spartan South Midlands Football League Match Officials (“ASSMFLMO”) was founded in 1986 to promote the interests and welfare of referees officiating on one of the finest Feeder Leagues in the country. It provides a voice for 250-plus match officials drawn from eleven counties and geographical divisions.

Every member, from the most experienced to the newest trainee, has an equal say in the running of its affairs. Members are encouraged to raise any issues or concerns, whilst developing strong relationships with officers of the league, assessors and refereeing departments both at the county and national levels.

The Association holds regular meetings with keynote speakers, runs this active website, promotes professionalism amongst members (including encouraging all members to wear League ties and badges), and awards trophies to clubs whose sportsmanship and hospitality make refereeing a more satisfying experience. Outstanding achievement amongst members is also recognized.


Use the online membership form to join the ASSMFLMO or renew your membership. Alternatively, you can download the latest membership form and pay by electronic bank transfer or cheque. All the details of how to do it are included on the form.

Join John Nettleton’s ASSMFLMO Fantasy Football League Challenge

Yes that it is that time of year, when you too can pretend to be a Sky Manager of the Month , so forget the whistle or the observing for a time and pretend you are the man in the dugout.

One basic rule, do NOT blame the man in the middle if he sends off your star player, awards a dubious penalty or disallows a goal .

There is only one target and that is to knock Mr Pearson off his pedestal.

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Association Meeting and AGM: 31 August 2017

Date: Thursday 31 August 2017

Venue: Hemel Hempstead FC, Vauxhall Road, Hemel Hempstead, HP2 4HW

Kick-off: 7pm for 7.45pm

The season is underway, seems such a short time since May for those of you who were involved in Div2 catch up.

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Spartan South Midlands League newsletter – Close Season 2017

Hope you are enjoying a good rest, the fine weather, not getting wound up about the political situation or England’s less than average performances against Scotland and France. Still, perhaps the Lions rugby team can do a lot better.

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2017 Fitness assessments

The League’s fitness assessment is open to all Spartan South Midlands match officials. The following dates have been arranged for the fitness assessments during this coming summer. Please let us know where you intend to take the test, and at which venue.
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Spartan South Midlands League newsletter – January 2017


Now that we are into a new year, a chance to look forward and to take stock of how things are going.  Below are some key messages for you. Please take note and take action as we move into 2017.
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Spartan South Midlands League newsletter – November 2016


Now that we are well into the season, a chance to draw breath and take stock of how things are going. Listed below are some key messages for you. Please take note of and apply them as we move into November.

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