ASSMFLMO Annual Meeting 2017

Webmaster, 4 September 2017

It was great to see over 100 referees, observers, members of the league management committee, and guests attend the 1st meeting of the new season after a gap year in 2016/17. Many travelled a great distance. Thank you.

Re the Committee, I am pleased to say that the Right Honourable Mr Ewen was elected as Chairman. Mick will be ably supported by Walshee as Vice Chairman, the great Morro (Kevin Moore) as Chancellor of the piggy bank, myself (MR H) as Secretary, the Songman (Mr Wright) as Fundraiser & Mario (Stetakovic) as the web master and all things techie. Barry Firman will continue to keep us all in order as President.

In addition, Martyn Cannon, Dean Carney, Luke Gill and James Keane have been co-opted to assist with Membership, Sponsorship Deals, Supplies, Communication, the Web Site, and Social Media. Others have also volunteered to become involved where appropriate, which is great to see, especially as it is not just oldies but youngsters as well. With strong finances, the organisation is in a healthy state.

It would be remissful  if I did not mention all the hard work Messrs Taylor & Hamilton have done in laying the foundations of the Association and handing it over in fine fettle. Hence in traditional style we duly recognised their efforts with a small presentation. Not often they are lost for words. It was also very fitting that Mike received the Carl Couzens award (the Claret Jug) for outstanding achievement.

With regard to the Oscars, it was fantastic to see Mark Mellor receive the Bill Jones Award in recognition of the unsung work Mark does in developing and encouraging referees to fulfil their potential. Mark, who was promoted to the Football League at the age of 50, demonstrates what can be achieved but it is perhaps what Mark puts back into the game that makes him a worthy recipient of the award.

Other Oscar Winners were:

Referee of the Year – Chris Bodell                         Runner Up –  Dean Carney

Young Referee of the Year – Richard Wharton   Runner Up – Iain Angus

Assistant Referee of the Year – Mark Mellor       Runner up – James Keane

Congratulations all

The main part of the evening was a Q & A session with the League Management Committee aimed at  looking  at the challenges facing the league. Issues addressed were Joint Travel, Appointments, Fees, Communication & other issues that impact referee availability.

Clearly we have challenges ahead such as do we adopt a flat fee structure for referees as some other leagues have done, how do we blend youth and experience which maximises  the experience of many of our officials in the development of the younger referees.

Looking around the room & seeing the likes of Aidy Waters and Andy Williams in the audience ; this highlighted  one of the strengths of the Spartan League and Association in the past. This was succinctly summed up by Micky Russell. There no set formula. You push referees through when they are ready.  Observer feedback along with feedback from experienced officials also play a key part in identifying those ready for the next step up.

It is also to the credit of the league, that they have a created a space on their Referees ‘sub- committee for a representative of the Association to work alongside the committee to meet the forthcoming challenges. We will certainly avail ourselves of this  opportunity, hence it is important that we hear your voices as without having you  on-side, we cannot move forward & re-establish the Spartan South Midland league as one , if not, the premier supply league.

By the way we should follow up Mick’s example and make sure our glasses are at always at least half full !!

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