Join John Nettleton’s ASSMFLMO Fantasy Football League Challenge

Pete Hazel, 9 August 2017

Yes that it is that time of year, when you too can pretend to be a Sky Manager of the Month , so forget the whistle or the observing for a time and pretend you are the man in the dugout.

One basic rule, do NOT blame the man in the middle if he sends off your star player, awards a dubious penalty or disallows a goal .

There is only one target and that is to knock Mr Pearson off his pedestal.


Two years ago we launched the ASSMFLMO Fantasy Football League Challenge and 50 of you have taken part each season since then.

Well it’s back again so let’s see if we can beat that 50.

As most of you already know you take on the role of online manager of a 15-man squad of overpaid prima donnas who aren’t fit to lace the boots of Greaves, Best, Law, Moore, Charlton, Blanchflower, Banks etc.

You get to select your squad, pick your team each week and see if you can beat your colleagues. You very quickly realise you made some dumb selections but fortunately you are able to transfer individuals or the whole lot if they are that bad!

The problem is you can’t be sure that the players you bring in will be any better than the ones you got rid of which just adds to the fun and frustration.

How do I join in the fun?

Those of you who took part last season will automatically be enrolled if you select a squad and use the same email address. 20 of you are already enrolled but not last season’s runaway winner Rob Pearson so don’t anybody tell him!

Newbies should register on the Fantasy Premier League website at

Select your squad and pick your team for the first round of matches. You only have until 18.45 on Friday 11 August to get in from the start (the first game is Arsenal v Leicester).

Once registered, click on the Leagues tab, then Create and join new leagues, then Join a league and finally Join private league.

Enter the following private league code 1963011-523165 and Bob’s your uncle.

Any problems contact Netts on

What could I win?

The top three managers will be revealed at the ASSMFLMO Oscars next May – we may even get round to handing out the prizes from the previous years.

What does it cost?

That’s the good bit, it’s absolutely free!

So get cracking and join in the fun.

Mr H