Spartan South Midlands League newsletter – Close Season 2017

Tony Weight, 19 June 2017

Hope you are enjoying a good rest, the fine weather, not getting wound up about the political situation or England’s less than average performances against Scotland and France. Still, perhaps the Lions rugby team can do a lot better.


Mike Desborough has communicated with all of you about next season and hopefully you will have replied to him by now. If you haven’t, please do so as soon as possible. We have tried to make the process quicker and easier this time around.


Following the disbandment of the Essex South Midlands Pool, I am delighted to let you know that Terry Hunt has been appointed as the Referee Appointments Officer for the Premier Division. Please note that Terry will appoint the Level 4 referees and assistant referees for the Premier Division matches. We are delighted that Terry is joining the League.

Mike Desborough will appoint officials to all the other Divisions of the League. So, a change to the appointing arrangements from last season when Mike appointed assistant referees to the Premier Division matches.


Roger Abraham has been appointed as the Observer Coordinator for the League, having previously been the Coordinator for the Essex South Midlands Pool. Again, we are delighted that Roger is joining the League.


Those of you going for promotion, wanting to referee on Division 1 or just to improve your fitness levels will want to undertake the fitness assessments we have planned. We have booked Stockwood Park Athletics Track, Luton for the following Sundays in July the 9th, 16th, 30th and Sunday August 6th. All assessments will be starting at 10am. Attached to this note is a form to complete and return to me. You may attend for as many assessments as you like.

For those of you going from Level 5 to 4 promotion, please inform your County FA that you are taking a fitness assessment with us, as I will need to confirm your result with your County FA.


We know that the communication channels between the League and its officials were not all they should have been last season, so we are determined to do better next season. To start the ball rolling, we have organised two pre-season meetings for existing officials and a separate meeting for new officials and those officials new to the League last season. The dates for the meetings of existing officials will be Wednesday 12th July at Beds FA Dunstable and Tuesday 25th July commencing at 730pm, at a venue in Hertfordshire to be confirmed. So please put these dates in your diary. It is very important that all officials try to attend either of these meetings. Refreshments will be provided.

The meeting date for new officials and Last year’s new officials will be Thursday 20th July at Beds FA, Skimpot Road Dunstable.


We received news from the FA about referees being allowed to wear coloured clothing next season if Counties and Leagues allow it. The League Committee has discussed this and decided that all officials next season will be required to wear all black or black/white kit.


The FA have offered Leagues the opportunity to try out the ‘sin bins’, at Division 2 or below. Again after discussion, the League has decided not to take part in this trial, but to wait and see what happens in the Leagues that do take part.

Please do contact me if you have any questions.

Tony Weight